Pacific Rim Multisport Home

Pacific Rim Multisport is a registered Triathlon BC Club dedicated to development of the sport of triathlon within the Greater Vancouver area. With most of our members coming from the TriCities, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge area we offer a full range of workouts to our members including:
  • Coached Swim Workouts
  • Winter Spin Class
  • Run Time Trials
  • Bike Time Trials
  • Group Rides for all level of Members
  • Guided Open Water swims
  • Training Camps
  • Coaching
  • …..and everything in between

In our experience very few clubs actually take the time to teach┬ánovices the fundamentals of the sport and, in the majority of instances, provide little to no guidance to their members outside of a once or twice a week hammer ride. How often have you been on a club ride where you get blown off the back before the so called warm up is even complete? Alternatively have you “flatted” on the bike and watched the group ride off into the distance without so much as a rearward glance while you are stuck in an unfamiliar area? Maybe you have a fear of open water swimming or perhaps have never done an open water swim at all? If so, come on out to one of our workouts that are specifically structured to ensure none of the above occurs. Safety in all workouts is our primary concern – we ensure that all club workouts are attended and guided by senior club members. All of our rides are broken into groups dependent on the level of the group riding. Each group has a leader responsible for the safety of the group and for ensuring there are multiple re group points along the way. We ensure no one gets left behind and we go out as a group and return as a group. We do not only cater for novices – join one of our “Hammer Head” rides to ride with some of the quickest athletes in the area.

For a cost of $65.00 per year (inclusive of your TRIBC registration) you will be hard pressed to find a wider range of activities to assist you in achieving your triathlon goals. With close on 100 active members from novice to pro level there is always a group to assist you meet your goals.