Bike Fitting

Despite all the marketing hype from bike companies,  the fit of the athlete to the bike remains one of the most crucial elements of triathlon cycling performance. The latest t aerodynamic, wind tunnel designed frame means nothing if the rider cannot hold an aero position or if that position increases drag. As much as 85% of aerodynamic drag can be attributed to the ride’s position on the bike rather than the bike itself.

Bike Geo
If you think you are two slow to warrant a fit consider the following:  The slower you are  the more time you spend on the bike, therefore  the more time you have on the bike for the aerodynamics of a good fit to play out. According to Martin et al the savings of a good fit over a poor fit is worth approximately 7 minutes over a 40km time trial for an average cyclist.


One of the club founders’, Shaun Callaghan of Endurance Sports Canada is a Slowtwitch F.I.S.T certified bike fitter having completed both the Triathlon and Road fitting courses. Shaun offers a fully equipped bike fit studio inclusive of  motion capture software, a full range of test saddles from Cobb, Fizik,Terry, Sella and Profile, a good selection of test stems in a variety of lengths and angles,  plus test base bars and clip on’s to help you get to the ideal position on your bike.

To book your fit please visit Shaun at Endurance Sports Canada or contact him an email at