Current Workouts

For our current workout schedule please scroll down to the calender at the end of the page

The primary objective of EVERY PRM workout is to ensure all athletes return
home safely. For all club workouts a group leader is appointed and all attending athletes are required to obey the leaders direction. Should an attendee choose not to do so then they will be asked to leave the workout.

Group Rides

No one gets left behind during group rides.  We will split the group according to ability levels and allocate a ride leader per group. If you have a flat / mechanical issue please let the ride leader know and he / she will stop the group and assist. We obey the rules of the rode and act in a polite, courteous manner to pedestrians, motor vehicles and fellow cyclists. When in doubt give way to other road users – no matter how right you may be, the vehicle always wins the argument. The length of rides will vary depending on the time of year from 90 minutes in winter to 4 plus hours in summer for those doing and Ironman.

Run and Cycle Time Trials

The objective of the club time trials is to give all athletes the opportunity to track improvements to their fitness as the season progresses. These are low key events and all club members are encourged to support the event no matter what their level is – for the cycling time trials riders are sent off in 1 minute intervals and the length of the time trial is a 14km loop which takes most athletes  20 to 30 minutes to complete. The roads are NOT closed and all attendees are responsible for their safety and obeying the rules of the road. For run time trials athletes have the option of a 5km or 8km route along the dykes. The course is marked applicably.

Open Water Swimming

In spring and summer the open water swimming is done from White Pine Beach at Lake Sasamat to the right of the concession when facing the beach.

In order to view the details of the workout simply hover over the relevant activity in the calender below.