If you have read the instructions below and require assistance or,  if you have any other membership related queries please contact

Annual Registration opens each year on 1 November and is valid until 31 December the following year. In order to part take in Pacific Rim Multisport activities you need to be BOTH a club member and a Triathon BC member for the current year.This is due to liability specifications placed on us by TriBC.

The registration process is a 2 step process as outlined below:

Step 1.

Please start out by use the following link to either sign up for or renew your membership with TRIBC.  If you are renewing, the site allows you to simply reuse your prior membership number. If you can’t remember your prior number they have a search function for you. Please be sure to select the “In a Club” option to save yourself $10.00 and select Pacific Rim Multisport as your club.The cost for TRIBC membership will be $35.00.

Please note if you already have TRIBC membership and are simply looking for a club to join you may skip step 1.

Step 2.

Please use the following link to join Pacific Rim Multisport. The cost is $40.00 per calendar year if you register prior to 31st January and for 2017 year will include a club cycling jersey. After this date the cost remains $40.00 however a cycling jersey is not included. If you do not complete all fields or do not click the waiver your membership will not be accepted.